The simple answer is Customer Service! My goal is to make sure my Small Business Customers have the best IT experience possible. While I provide a full range of IT services from Computer Hardware Sales to Cloud Services and everything in between just like the larger IT Companies, I limit the number of customers I service. This allows me to provide the best Customer Service and Customer Satisfaction possible.

I am a “one man shop”, how ever over my 25 years in the IT business I have built resources and relationships that enable me to be an “one stop shop” for Dallas Georgia small business customers. I know Dallas is limited in the amount of business that can use my service but that fits right into my plan. 

My customers know that I can handle their computer related services so they don’t have to. They are free to handle the rest of their business.

When you are my customer you have my mobile number and when you call I answer. You don’t get stuck in some phone tree having to answer prompt after prompt to get help. This allows me to get started helping you as fast as possible. 

I currently have three slots available for new customers. Like all other local business I lost customers through the last several years and waited to see if they might be able to come back but some could not make it thru these economic challenged years. 

So if you need a IT provider for your Small Business and you’re located in or near Dallas Georgia, I might be a good fit for you. Give me a call and we can see if it is the right fit.


Thank You!

James Phillips 

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